Thursday, April 29, 2010

Camp Diagram

This diagram is a mock-up indicating what the look and feel of the Science of Churchology camp will be like at Burning Man. We were inspired by the HBO show Carnivale.

To view a larger version of the above diagram, then click on it.

Come visit our chapel, funeral home, and graveyard. The preachers of the gospel of the Science of Churchology will perform exorcisms, funerals, weddings, and play Russian Roulette (with a toy gun). We have thumbderdome and karaoke too.

Megaphone guys dressed as preachers will recruit players for the Russian Roulette game (with toy water balloon guns), then perform a funeral for the deceased who can lay down in our coffin next to the 8 foot tall cross made out of wood. Friends and loved one can pay respects and say few things about the deceased.

Playing a mix of old time music and new stuff, along with karaoke as well; the music will be kept low enough for civilized conversations. I will also have my Thumbderdome with me, it's a miniature dome for thumb wrestling that looks like the big Thunderdome, and it has Mad Max action figures on it.

And a small bar too with some whiskey and a keg of beer, but this is not a major attraction. Front and center of our camp entrance we keep a closed jug with ice cold water in it to share with passerby's who might need to wet their whistle.


travelingseth said...

Haha. Awesome. Hope to be able to see it.

tobyspaceman said...

Burningman is so stupid but his camp is going to fuckin rock

miah said...

I'm gonna build a wall cutting right thru your camp ya fuckin hippy.